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Web design for bloggers, small and middle-sized companies


I bring life to your web projects!

Cohesion and reconstruction are the order of the day.
With heart and mind. can help generate business.

Together we build or renew your website.


Webdesigner Freelancer Jürg Zimmermann

WordPress application development and web design

Webdesign Applikationsentwicklung Jürg Zimmermann
Web design and application development

I offer professional web design tailored to your needs and build your desired application. Blogging, Private, Business, Shop and E-Learning.

SEO Jürg Zimmermann

Conversion, SEO

You want a website that can do more than just look pretty? Structure and process organization is one of my core competencies. Support for SEO and search engines.

Webhosting Jürg Zimmermann

Hosting and maintenance

Choosing a web host is essential. Specializing in WordPress, fast loading of pages and a reasonable price-performance ratio are crucial. You are welcome to leave the monthly maintenance of your website to me.

Analyse Jürg Zimmermann


Assistance in analysing movements on your website. Google Business, Website Statistics and more.


is by far the most widespread web design and blogging platform on the Internet!

By 2025, according to “Digital Pioneers”, half of all websites could be based on WordPress.

What makes WP so interesting and popular? The flexibility and variety of applications are a great advantage. The enormous number of available programs, themes and plugins are almost inexhaustible.

From the development of a simple website (landing page), blogging page to complex e-commerce and e-learning applications, everything is possible. Thanks to the use of plugins (additional programs), a website can be expanded quickly and efficiently.

WordPress is considered an “open source” project and is therefore basically independent of large, dominant companies.

Themes define the framework and offer prefabricated websites or entire web applications. These prefabricated pages are then adapted to the needs and design ideas of the customer.

Prefabricated websites are there to quickly and easily create a digital presence on the Internet. Special requests can be time-consuming and expensive.

However, not all needs and requirements can be met with prefabricated websites. Then I rebuild the pages from the base.

I personally prefer new websites from the ground up. They are more individual and adapted to the personality of the customer.

I find a personal, individual appearance on the net fundamentally more refreshing and appealing.


Divi Theme

There are 1001 WP Themes. A lot of them are free. Others are premium themes and have to be purchased.

The difference in quality can be large. A careful selection is worthwhile.

As a WordPress developer, I chose the DIVI THEME. A very modern, flexible development environment and probably the most popular WP theme in the world.

As a developer, I prefer a simple, straightforward web page, where the website operator and his information are in the foreground. Stressing his individuality is a matter of concern to me.

I deliberately use little or no CSS tweeks (coding), but use the customization functionality offered by DIVI.

The site is therefore structured, clearer and easier to maintain.

DIVI allows targeted customization for desktop, mobile phone and tablet. That is, the appearance on a mobile phone or tablet can be different, adapted to the size of the screen.


WordPress theme Divi

These prefabricated websites can be adapted by me to your needs and ideas.